Customs Brokerage

ACOLCEX guarantees that our clients comply with the existing legal norms in the matter of import, export and customs transit.


The purpose of customs clearance of imports is to facilitate the introduction of goods of foreign origin into the Colombian customs territory, complying with all legal provisions so that it can be freely circulated within the national territory.

Considering the applied modalities contemplated in the customs legislation, under which ACOLCEX represents the importer as declarant before the DIAN (Tax and Customs agency in Colombia), port companies and other entities that are required in each case, we offer the services of:

        + Customs Brokerage and Customs Procedures.
+ Consultancy and coordination in foreign trade.
        + Import Registrations and Licenses.
        + Tariff classification.
        + Recognition of goods.
        + Advice and handling of the process in different import modalities.
        + Pre-inspection of the cargo (inventories if required).


ACOLCEX intervenes as declarant in the export declarations required for the exit of goods from the national territory to other countries and / or free zones. We manage the different export modalities contemplated in the Customs Regime.

        + Advice and coordination of the export process.
        + Preparation of export customs documents (DEX).
        + Temporary and definitive exports.