Foreign Trade

Consultancy in Foreign Trade for the different modalities of import and export.

 ACOLCEX has a team of experts in foreign trade that can provide support in negotiations and strategies that will enable your company to position itself in international markets.

Our interest is to provide a comprehensive service that allows us to develop a strategy that considers:
        + Customs Legislation
        + Import and Export Project Management
        + Exchange regime
        + Tariff Classification
        + Criteria of Origin
We are experts in customs legislation and foreign trade. We have the human experience and professional human resources to offer comprehensive consultancy; that provides the greater security and peace of mind to our clients.
We listen to our customers. We gather information on specific needs to jointly develop the strategies that must be implemented, ensuring the most effective and costs efficient solution.
During the consultancy process, we consider all commercial information, transportation strategy, markets, licenses for import and export, tariffs, customs processes and, in general, all the procedures that our customers are required to carry out. We make sure our clients fully comply with the trading and customs regulations.
We seek to understand about your business, in order to become your best partner in foreign trade. We align with your objectives to increase the profitability of your business, improving the strategies of the logistics chain and reducing the costs and risks of the process.